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Doctor Bombay

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friends for dinner [Oct. 27th, 2011|12:25 pm]
Doctor Bombay
I actually did something last night I haven't done in awhile. I cooked! Quite possibly the most simple dish you can cook, spaghetti. Some friends came over to see my place, so I boiled up a pot of spaghetti, and served it with a jar of spaghetti sauce of the garlic variety. I also bought some sweet italian sausage, chopped them up, and put them in the sauce. I added a few other spices to add to the taste, including cinnamon, which actually worked very well.

Add to that the frozen yogurt cone (Annie's) that I had in the afternoon, and the two slices of oven roasted turkey breast on my roommate's low-fat white bread (bleah), and you have my food consumption for yesterday. I did feel quite bloated again when I went to bed, which is probably from the water in the pasta. I need to remember these feelings, how I feel after I eat, how my stomach feels, how my mouth feels, and think of them before I eat.