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Putting it off - Doctor Bombay [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Doctor Bombay

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Putting it off [Oct. 26th, 2011|02:21 pm]
Doctor Bombay
I keep putting off posting my food intake. One of the things we learn about in Weight Watchers is to track your food and subtract it from your points before you eat it. Basically, think about the food before it even goes into your mouth. But instead, I'm eating first, and thinking about writing it down later. For example, after my last post, a co-worker asked me to go to D Brian's with her, and I should've thought about going to a breakfast place after already eating my morning bowl of cereal. But I didn't, I went, and I bought the Low Carb Special, which is three eggs and choice of meat. I always get them over easy, and then add a side of wheat toast (two slices, buttered) to scrape up the yolk with. Today, I added sausage patties as my meat choice. I could've made it to lunch on just the bowl of cereal, but going to the restaurant in my building made it too easy to get something else and not think about the consequences. I really should write some of those consequences down and stick them up on the wall in my cube. Any time someone suggests going to the convenience store, going to D Brian's, going to get food outside of lunch time, I can look at them, and decide if it's worth it.